9 Groomsmen Gifts He Will Actually Use

 In this list we have compiled 9 gifts your groomsmen can enjoy beyond the wedding that are practical, functional, and manly. There are so many choices when it comes to finding a groomsman gift. With this post, we have narrowed it down to the best gifts that fit a variety of personalities. Check them out in the list below.

1. Gym Bag

- #GymLife. Perfect for the active groomsmen. This bag is great for storing snacks for a hike or a water bottle and keys for the gym. This shop personalizes the bags with their name and number, so it's an easy win.

2. Ammo Boxes

- Personalized ammo boxes are a groomsman favorite! These .50 cal USA made boxes can store anything from tools, ammo, books, & whatever else they can think of. Available in a variety of designs including the American Flag, Eagle, Iron Cross, & Police and Firefighter badges. (P.S. these have free shipping!) 

3. Sunglasses

- Glasses are great for the "cool guy" groomsmen. They can wear them to your reception and every day after. The aviator style, like the one pictured, look good on every man and won't break the bank.

4. Watches

- Time is always ticking. And with these watches your groomsmen will always want to keep track. These watches are personalized with your groomsman's names. With many designs to choose from, it's an easy choice. 

5. Pocket Knife

- For the handy man! Many men like to carry a pocket knife in their back pocket at all times. So get your groomsman a gift that not only will be useful, but looks good.  This listing comes in a pack of three (so very cost efficient!) and come in three colors. 

6. Cufflinks

- Looking sharp on your wedding day and the office. Cuff links are the perfect finishing touch to a suit. Get the guys a simple design, like the one pictured above. It's a universal color and it's sleek design can fit any style.

7. Beer Glasses

-Whether they drink from a pint or a pilsner, they'll always reach for the glass with their name on it. Available in a variety of designs for all the personalities in your groomsmen party. 


8. Yeti

- What do men love more than beer? Coffee! A coffee tumbler, like the Yeti pictured, keep that coffee nice and hot. With it's masculine design, your groomsmen will love showing it off at the office. 


9.Travel Bag 

- A monogrammed wash bag is perfect for the jet setters in your wedding party. Great for packing a tooth brush, shave kit, etc (and is way better than the plastic bag he usually puts them in). 


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