Pocket Flask - Hip Flask - Personalized Flasks for Men

$ 18.00

Small Personalized Flasks Men - Wedding Party Favors

 Ships from Temecula, CA 

About the small Groomsmen Flask

  • Glass flask is 5.75" tall
  • Holds 3.5 ounces, black plastic top with rubber seal
  • Permanent vinyl design, hand wash
  • Hand made in our shop located in Temecula, CA

    It warms your heart

    This little pocket flask can fit inside your suit coat. So, in case you need a few sips to warm up, it's there for ya, pal. If you drink the whole bottle chances are you'll confess your love to everyone else and warm their hearts too. Great groomsmen flask for wedding favors. Small hip flask size is good for bachelor parties and birthday gifts too. Free Shipping

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