Custom Beer Tap Handle Set

$ 49.50

Beer tap handle custom engraved with your home brewing company name, matching glasses too. Husband Gifts by ScissorMill. Wood tap handle fits standard kegerator beer tap faucet.

✦About the Custom Tap Handle:
~ Tap handle is cut from solid wood & hand painted.
~ Lettering is Engraved (which removes the paint and exposes the wood underneath as the lettering color)
►►Every piece of wood is different & customers should expect to receive a tap handle with slightly different wood grain than what is pictured◄◄

✦About the Glasses:
~ Choose from 16oz Mason Jars or 16oz Pint Glasses
~ Mason Jar is 5" tall with NO other markings or brand names (like "Ball")
~ Pint Glass is 5.75" tall
~ Laser etched with same matching design as the Tap Handle

All my items are new. Each item is etched by laser. This makes for a truly unique piece you just can't find anywhere else.

We ship our personalized glass in USPS Priority Mail. All contents are packed tight and we always take the time to do the best packing possible.

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